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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1892Anthropology: As a science and as a branch of university education in the United StatesBrinton, Daniel Garrison
1898The Study of ManHaddon, Alfred Cort
1900The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and ReligionFrazer, James George
1911The Mind of Primitive Man: A course of lectures delivered before the Lowell Institute, Boston, Mass., and the National University of Mexico, 1910-1911Boas, Franz
1912Social Life of the Crow IndiansLowie, Robert H.
1917Culture and EthnologyLowie, Robert H.
1919Physical anthropology: Its scope and aims, its history and present status in the United StatesHrdlička, Aleš
1920Primitive SocietyLowie, Robert H.
1922The History of Human MarriageWestermarck, Edward
1922The American Indian: An introduction to the anthropology of the new worldWissler, Clark
1922Early Civilization: An Introduction to AnthropologyGoldenweiser, Alexander
1966Anthropology and the Classics: Six lectures delivered before the University of OxfordEvans, Arthur J.; Lang, Andrew; Murray, Gilbert; Jevons, Frank Byron; Myers, John Linton; Fowler, William Warde
1980Sistemas agrícolas prehispánicos en los Llanos de MojosErickson, Clark L.
Jul-1996The Shamanistic Journey and Anthropological TravelsChernela, Janet M.; Leed, Eric
1997Cross-genre talk: Expanding the groundChernela, Janet M.
1998Putting Islam to Work: Education, Politics, and Religious Transformation in EgyptStarrett, Gregory
Jul-1999Armenian Identity: Memory, Ethnoscapes, Narratives of Belonging in the context of the recent emerging notions of globalization and its effect on time and spaceAprahamian, Sima
2000“Biodiversity Is Diversity in Use”: Community-Based Conservation in the Calakmul Biosphere ReserveHaenn, Nora
2001Fractured Lands: The Politics of Conservation in North-Central BrazilChernela, Janet M.
2002Against Bosses, Against Oligarchies: A Conversation with Richard RortyNystrom, Derek; Puckett, Kent; Rorty, Richard