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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002War of the Worlds: What About Peace?Latour, Bruno
2002Waiting for Foucault, StillSahlins, Marshall
2003The Root of Roots: Or, How Afro-American Anthropology Got Its StartPrice, Richard; Price, Sally
2004CommentaryBrown, Glenn Otis
2004Fragments of an Anarchist AnthropologyGraeber, David
2004Culture's Open Sources: Software, Copyright, and Cultural CritiqueKelty, Christopher
2004The Political Agnosticism of Free and Open Source Software and the Inadvertent Politics of ContrastColeman, Gabriella
2004A Theory of Animation: Cells, L-systems, and FilmKelty, Christopher; Landecker, Hannah
2004Coding Free Software, Coding Free States: Free Software Legislation and the Politics of Code in PeruChan, Anita
2004Punt to CultureKelty, Christopher
Mar-2004The politics of language acquisition: Language learning as social modeling in the northwest AmazonChernela, Janet M.
2005Age Grades and Environmental Practice among the Xavante of Pimentel BarbosaWelch, James R.
2005Free ScienceKelty, Christopher
Mar-2005Of Clouds and Streams, Prophets and Profits: The Political Semiotics of Climate and Water in the Brazilian NortheastTaddei, Renzo Romano
Mar-2005‘From Chaos to Controlled Disorder': Syndromic Surveillance, Bioweapons, and the Pathological FutureFearnley, Lyle
Apr-2005Shooting Snowy was the Toughest Job I Ever Had: The Role of Dogs in First Contact and Anthropological TheoryGolub, Alex
May-2005Geeks, Social Imaginaries, and Recursive PublicsKelty, Christopher
Jun-2005Charity and Spirits in the Amazonian Navy: The Barquinha Mission of the Brazilian AmazonFrenopoulo, Christian
Sep-2005Networking and the Permanent ForumChernela, Janet M.
Sep-2005The UN and Indigenous Peoples: A ProcessChernela, Janet M.