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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2010Semi-annual street address to census tract and zipCity and County of Honolulu
2-Oct-2012A short history of Manoa Valley from 1800 to presentDe Leon, David
1948Study of ownership of corporations in Hawaii-
24-Sep-2014Symbolism in Hawaiian PoetryElbert, Samuel H.
1909Tales in TapaRivenburgh, Eleanor
1992Topics in Hawaii's history : resources and lesson plans for secondary school teachers, Hawaii History Institute, June 1992Odo, Franklin; Kawamoto, Kevin; McGregor, Davianna
1952University of Hawaii : its needs in 1953-55University of Hawaii at Manoa
1961University of the PacificUniversity of Hawaii (Honolulu). Office of Publications and Information
1959Water resources in HawaiiHawaii Water Authority
1983XMatsueda, Pat
1956ハワイ公演記アルバムTakarazuka Kagekidan; Takarazuka Revue Co.
1957ハワイ公演記アルバムTakarazuka Kagekidan; Takarazuka Revue Co.
1955ハワイ公演記念アルバムTakarazuka Kagekidan; Takarazuka Revue Co.