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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep 1949Catalog for ... (Announcement of Graduate Studies, 1949-1950)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Oct 1938Catalog for ... (Research Publications, No.17. A Study of the Incomes and Disbursements of 218 Middle-Income Families in Honolulu)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Dec 1967Catalog for ... (1968 Summer Session, Preliminary Announcement)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Sep 1972Catalog for ... (Graduate Division Catalog, 1972-1973)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Jan 1956Catalog for ... (Summer Session Bulletin, June 27-August 7, 1956)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Jun 1958Catalog for ... (1958 Summer Session Directory)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
May 1965Catalog for ... (1965-1966 General Catalogue)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Dec 1948Catalog for ... (Report of the President, 1947-1948)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Sep 1953Catalog for ... (Graduate School Announcement, 1953-1955)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Oct 1953Catalog for ... (Directory of the University of Hawaii and of Affiliated, Independently Supported Institutions on the Campus, Published October 1953 for the College Year 1953-1954)University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)