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Apr-2009ACMR Bibliography, 2009-04Bryant, Lei Ouyang; D’Evelyn, Charlotte; Hsu, Pattie; Wong, Chuen-Fung
May-2010ACMR Bibliography, 2010-05Bryant, Lei Ouyang; Samson, Valerie; Wong, Gloria
Jun-2011ACMR Bibliography, 2011-06McLane, Alec; Samson, Valerie
Jun-2012ACMR Bibliography, 2012-06McLane, Alec; Wong, Gloria; Schweig, Meredith
Jun-2013ACMR Bibliography, 2013-06McLane, Alec; Wong, Gloria
5-Nov-2014ACMR Bibliography, 2014-11McLane, Alec; Luo, Aimei
4-Jul-2015ACMR Bibliography, 2015-07McLane, Alec