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  • Tobin, Jack A. (2011-12-09)
    “A field study was made of the current situation on Kili, the present location of the displaced Bikini people. The purpose of this study was to follow up on a study made in October of 1953, to ascertain what changes have ...
  • (1975)
  • Rabe, John, 1850-1914 (1898)
    Letter from John Rabe to Benjamin Rabe. Included in 17th holographic journal
  • (2014-01-22)
  • (2014-01-22)
  • Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency (Guam Council on the Arts & Humanities Agency and The Guam Humanities Council, 1994)
  • Hiland, Thomas (1880)
    In addition to the original, eight-page handwritten letter and mailing envelope, a modern, typed transcription (with handwritten notes in margin) and vendor’s catalog description are also included. Thomas Hiland, born in ...
  • Pohnpei (Micronesia). Division of Historic Preservation & Cultural Affairs. (Kolonia, Pohnpei : Dept. of Land, Division of HP&CA, 1993)
    Quarterly newsletter of the Pohnpei State Department of Land, HP&CA Division. In English and Ponape.
  • Ramarui, Goree; Limberg, Rita (Palau Community Action Committee, [1970])
    Palauans are extremely fond of "style" that certain something that sets them apart from the mass. Teachers from other countries have conducted workshops in this country. This has improved, the quality of the handicrafts ...
  • Joseph, Lewis S. (Pacific and Asian Linguistics Institute, University of Hawaii, 1972-10)
    The Palauan Orthography Committee met at Palau High School, Koror, Palau, from July 24 to August 2, 1972, to decide on standard rules for Palauan spelling. Members of the Palau community who participated on the Committee ...
  • Wright, Rob Sr; Leebrick, Karl C.; Pederson, W. (2012-02-08)
    Detailed descriptions for each of the 35 photographs held in this collection.
  • Griffis, Joan ([1966])
    This inventory details the contents of 2,459 35mm slides produced by photographer Joan Griffis between 1966 and 1970. The numbering system used by Griffis in the inventory has been preserved, although the photos have been ...
  • (2014-01-22)
  • Thomas, Stephen D. (2012-05-11)
    This preliminary inventory, created 12 April 2004, describes the contents of the collection. Refer to this inventory when requesting items from this collection for use in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections reading room. ...
  • Tobin, Jack A. (2012-04-10)
    "I have submitted a detailed Bikini survey log to you. This contains, as you know, complete descriptions of each island and islet in the atoll. I have also submitted, at your request, a map with the local names of these ...
  • Great Britain. Privy Council. Judicial Committee. (2012-01-31)
    Records of the Privy Council, as contained in this online collection of documents. The 3,000-plus pages that comprise the Record include not only legal documents but also a variety of 19th and 20th century accounts of ...
  • Court of Appeal of the Pitcairn Islands (2012-03-03)
    Subtitled "In the Pitcairn Court of Appeal. CA 1-7/2004. In the matter of applications for leave to appeal by seven named accused between the Queen and the seven named accused..." As posted on the Pacific Islands Legal ...
  • Supreme Court of Pitcairn Islands (2012-03-03)
    "In the Pitcairn Islands Supreme Court. Trials no. 1-55/2003. Between the Queen and 7 Named Accused." As posted on the Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLII) website.
  • Hiyane, James T. (Saipan : Division of Agriculture, Dept. of Resources and Development, 1971)
    The economic importance of rat infestations in coconut groves has not been investigated to any reliable degree, although its significance is often forgotten or ignored in most copra producing areas. However, in highly ...
  • Siemer, Deanne C. (NMI Council for the Humanities, 2006)
    This read me file contains copyright information, a collection introduction and description, including sources, arrangement, dates of coverage, missing documents and more.
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