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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2013Index of despatches from United States consuls and registers or indexes of consular instructions for Australia, Fiji, Butaritari, the Gilbert Islands, New Zealand, the Philippine Islands, Samoa and Tahiti during the 19th centuryHackler, Rhoda E.A.
1968Introduction to the logs, diaries and journals of Dr. John Rabe, with resume-inventory of the collectionVan Dyke, Robert E.
1985IVe Festival Des Arts Du Pacifique Polynesie Francaise 1985-
1887Journal, 12th holographic. June 23 - November 27, 1887 [Inventory no. 15]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1888Journal, 14th holographic. January 1888 [Inventory no. 17]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1888Journal, 15th holographic. January 12 to February 12, 1888 [Inventory no. 18]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1888Journal, 16th holographic. February 23, 1888 to July 4, 1888 [Inventory no. 19]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1890Journal, 22nd holographic. May 8 - July 16, 1890 [Inventory no. 25]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1890Journal, 23rd holographic. May 8 - July 16, 1890 [Inventory no. 26]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1890Journal, 24th holographic. July 17 - October 22, 1890 [Inventory no. 27]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1890Journal, 26th holographic. October 24 - November 6, 1890 [Inventory no. 29]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
1897Journal, 45th holographic. January 22 - December 31, 1897 [Inventory no. 48]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
3-Mar-2012Judgement of Full CourtPitcairn Islands Supreme Court
1975Kusaie 006-K-00-
1898Letter. December 19, 1898, Sydney [Inventory no. 20]Rabe, John, 1850-1914
22-Jan-2014Majuro April-
22-Jan-2014Majuro July-
1982Micronesia Support Committee bulletin-
1880Modern transcription and vendor's catalog description: Autograph letter signed, dated Sept. 9, 1880 on board the USS Alaska, describing a visit to the Samoan IslandsHiland, Thomas
1983Palau : self-determination vs. U.S. military plans-