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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1885Figure 20 (page 16)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1885Figures 17 through 19 (page 16)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1885Figures 21 & 22 (page 17)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1885Figures 23 through 26 (page 18)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1885Figures 27 & 28 (page 19)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1885Figures 29 & 30 (page 20)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1885Figures 31 & 32 (page 20)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1885Figures 33 through 35 (page 21)Finsch, O. (Otto), 1839-1917
1959[Front endpaper map from James Michener's Novel _Hawaii_]Michener, James A.
8-Dec-2011Gitua - English Vocabulary. Preliminary Version. May 1977.Lincoln, Peter C.
1869Historical sketch of the Hawaiian mission, and the missions to Micronesia and the Marquesas Islands.Bartlett, Samuel Colcord, 1817-1898.
1934Islands around Ponape : Kapingamarangi, Nukuoro, Ngatik, Mokil, PingelapEilers, Anneliese, 1900-
21-Dec-2011Jabwor, Jaluit survey, October 1967 / compiled by Jack A. Tobin, chairman.Tobin, Jack A.
9-Dec-2011Kili journal, August 28 to September 18, 1954Tobin, Jack A.
1994Micronesian Canoe Symposium : March 15-17, 1994 : narrative reportGuam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency
1970Palauan Handicraft Guidebook and 30 Storyboard Stories - Kldachelbai ra BerauRamarui, Goree; Limberg, Rita
10-Apr-2012Preliminary report - Bikini Atoll survey 1957Tobin, Jack A.
1948A report on the results of the census of the population, 1947, by F.N.M. PusinelliGilbert and Ellice Islands Colony
6-Feb-1953[Report, prepared by the High Commissioner for the United Nations Visiting Mission to the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands]Pacific Islands (Trust Territory). Office of the High Commissioner; Thomas, E.D.
8-Dec-2011Sampela wot bilong tok UruavaLincoln, Peter C.