Sampela wot bilong tok Uruava / Peter C. Lincoln

Preface to 2011 printing. In 1973 with support from the National Science Foundation and more personal help from Sir Paul Lapun, others in Mabesi, others in Bougainville and my family, especially my wife, I studied languages on Bougainville. My primary focus was on Banoni, with some time for neighboring Piva. I was also privileged to spend a few hours over a couple of days speaking with Peter Kie of Arawa Village, helping him to recall some of the Uruava language, which had been widely spoken in Arawa in his youth, more than a generation earlier. We reviewed word lists I collated from Father Rausch, SM (published in Anthropos in 1912) and from Douglas Oliver, PhD (copied from his notes of a visit in 1939). These lists were supplemented by a partial survey list collected comparatively recently by Conrad Hurd from Savore of Arawa Village. After my return to Honolulu in 1974, I received an urgent request from Peter’s nephew for materials in the language, as no one was left who could teach him the language. To make this material more useful in the village itself, Tok Pisin was chosen as the language of transmission. The present copy is intended to preserve the original document. To make it more useable to a wider audience, I added a translation of the Tok Pisin introduction and other clarifications. Peter C Lincoln April 2011

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Sampela wot bilong tok Uruava