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  • Gordin, Hillel (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    Israel is a long narrow country occupying 180 km of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean and 12 km of the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat, Red Sea. More than half of the country, the southern half, is desert and receives ...
  • Mozes, Noam; Eshchar, Micha; Conjieski, Daniel; Fediuk, Michael; Ashkenazy, Arik; Milanez, Fernando (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    A semi-commercial 100 m3 marine recirculating system (RAS) was designed, based on the results of a 5 m3 experimental system. The system was stocked with gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata). After 200 days, the fish in the ...
  • Leu, Ming-Yih; Chen, I-Hui; Fang, Lee-Shing (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    Mangrove red snapper (Lutjanus argentimaculatus, Forsskål) spawned naturally in captivity, without the use of hormones or other treatments, from May 21 to September 15, 1999. Each female laid an average 2,350,000 eggs. ...
  • Gorshkov, S.; Meiri, I.; Rosenfeld, H.; Ben-Atia, S.; Lutzki, S.; Peduel, A.; Ron, B.; Skvortzov, A.; Gorshkova, G.; Tandler, A. (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    In European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), females grow 20-50% faster than males. Therefore, they are more in demand than males for commercial farming, generating much inter- est in the development of female monosex ...
  • Hancz, C.; Romvári, R.; Petrási, Z.; Horn, P. (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    X-ray computerized tomography (CT) and chemical analysis were used to determine the fat and protein contents in the fillet of table-sized mirror carps. Serial CT scans were taken along the body from the operculum to the ...
  • Yanil, Telat; Dabrowski, Konrad; Bai, Sungchul C. (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    The effects of Ohio State University (OSU) meal (a mixture of blood meal, meat and bone meal, poultry by-products and feather meal), as partial or total replacement of fish meal was investi- gated. Thirty-two fish tanks, ...
  • Ghosh, Koushik; Sen, Sukanta Kumar; Ray, Arun Kumar (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    An extracellular protease producing bacteria Bacillus circulans (Lr 1.1) was isolated from the gut of rohu, Labeo rohita, fingerlings, and used as a supplement in five diets for rohu fingerlings. The effect of the supplement ...
  • Karayücel, Ismihan; Penman, David; Karayücel, Sedat; McAndrew, Brendan (Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH, 2003)
    Hormonal and thermal sex reversal of YY male Oreochromis niloticus were compared. While similar percentages of females (34% and 32%, respectively) were produced, a significantly high- er percent of intersex individuals ...
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