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Item Description Ovie, Solomon I. en_US Ovie, Stella O. en_US 2012-01-19T20:16:18Z 2012-01-19T20:16:18Z 2006 en_US
dc.identifier.citation Ovie, S.I., & Ovie, S.O. (2006). Moisture, protein, and amino acid contents of three freshwater zooplankton used as feed for aquacultured larvae and postlarvae. The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh, 58(1), 29-33. en_US
dc.identifier.issn 0792-156X en_US
dc.description.abstract The moisture content, crude protein level, and amino acid profile of three freshwater zooplank- ton (Moina micrura, Diaphanosoma excisum, Brachionus calyciflorus) commonly used for rear- ing fish larvae were analyzed using standard methods. The moisture contents and crude protein levels were similar, as follows: M. micrura 89% and 52.4%, D. excisum 89.3% and 57.3%, and B. calyciflorus 91.6% and 50.3%, respectively. The samples contained 17 amino acids: nine essential and eight non-essential amino acids. The dominant essential amino acids (per 16 g N) in M. micrura were lysine (10.73 g), arginine (8.17 g), leucine (8.0 g), and histidine (5.09 g); in D. excisum, lysine (9.95 g), leucine (8.0 g), valine (6.23 g), and arginine (4.78 g), and in B. caly- ciflorus, leucine (8.95 g), lysine (8.64 g), arginine (6.37 g), phenylalanine (5.20 g), and valine (4.83 g). In all three species, glutamine and aspartic acid dominated the non-essential amino acid profile, and methionine was the essential amino acid in the smallest concentration. Differences among amino acid profiles were insignificant (p>0.05). en_US
dc.format.extent 5 pages en_US
dc.publisher Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh en_US
dc.subject amino acid profile, Brachionus calyciflorus, Diaphanosoma excisum, Moina micrura, moisture content, protein level en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Fish culture--Israel--Periodicals. en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Fish culture--Periodicals. en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Aquaculture--Israel--Periodicals. en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Aquaculture--Periodicals. en_US
dc.title Moisture, protein, and amino acid contents of three freshwater zooplankton used as feed for aquacultured larvae and postlarvae en_US

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