MANUSCRIPT P00048: [Record presented in the 2006 appeal to the Pitcairn Island rape cases ...]


The files reproduced in this online collection represent the record presented in the 2006 appeal of the Pitcairn Island rape cases to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
The Judicial Committee functions as the final court of appeal for present British colonies and a number of former ones such as Jamaica and Tuvalu. The Judicial Committee's decision is reported as Christian v. The Queen, [2006] UKPC 47, [2007] 2 A.C. 400, [2007] 1 L.R.C. 726, 130 I.L.R. 696. That decision affirmed the decision of the Pitcairn Islands Court of Appeal in R. v. Christian, [2005] PNSC 1, [2006] 1 L.R.C. 745 British Yearbook of International Law 2004, at 428. An earlier decision of the Pitcairn Supreme Court is: R. v. Seven Named Accused, [2004] PNSC 1, 127 I.L.R. 232, affirmed [2004] PNCA 1, [2004] 5 L.R.C. 706, 127 I.L.R. 284, affirmed under the name Christian v. The Queen, [2004] UKPC 52, [2004] 5 L.R.C. 735. The record is 4,000 pages long. It includes orders of the court, pleadings filed by the lawyers, notes of the testimony given by witnesses, police reports, and an extensive file of historical evidence from archives in Britain, New Zealand, and Australia.

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