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Title: Survival of Juvenile Silver Pomfret, Pampus argenteus, Kept in Transport Conmditions in Different Densities and Temperatures 
Author: Peng, Shiming; Chen, Xuezhong; Shi, Zhaohong; Yin, Fei; Sun, Peng
Date: 2012
Publisher: Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - BAMIGDEH
Citation: Shiming Peng, Xuezhong Chen, Zhaohong Shi, Fei Yin, Peng Sun. (2012). Survival of Juvenile Silver Pomfret, Pampus argenteus, Kept in Transport Conmditions in Different Densities and Temperatures. The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh, 64, 6 pp.
Abstract: Optimum conditions for the transportation of juvenile silver pomfret, Pampus argenteus (Euphrasen 1788) were investigated under simulated conditions. Juveniles (5.22±1.09 g) were kept in 10-l plastic bags containing oxygen and 3 l water at 15, 20, and 25°C in (a) low loading densities (5, 10, 20 g/l) for 8 h and (b) high loading densities (20, 30, 40 g/l) for 4 h. Following simulations, water was sampled to measure dissolved oxygen, pH, and total ammonia. Both survival rates and dissolved oxygen levels decreased when the temperature and loading density increased; pH decreased significantly under all transportation conditions. High loading density (30-40 g/l) and temperature (25°C) resulted in high total ammonia and mortality (54-64%). The ideal temperature for transporting juvenile silver pomfret in plastic bags was 15°C. At this temperature, the highest survival rate was recorded, even at loading densities of 40 g/l. Transport at high temperature (25°C) and loading density (20 g/l) should not exceed 8 h, due to raised mortality (>30%) and ammonia levels.
Series/Report No.: The Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh
Pages/Duration: 6 pages
ISSN: 0792-156X
Identifier: IJA_64.2012.678
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10524/22919
LC Subject Headings: Fish culture--Israel--Periodicals.
Fish culture--Periodicals.

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