Preliminary report - Bikini Atoll survey 1957

"I have submitted a detailed Bikini survey log to you. This contains, as you know, complete descriptions of each island and islet in the atoll. I have also submitted, at your request, a map with the local names of these land units, coded with the presently accepted designations. Included in this log, which covers every day of the survey, are data pertinent to the rehabilitation of each island, the economic potential of the individual island and surrounding reefs and marine areas, and other data of significancein planning for the possible return of the former Bikini inhabitants to this atoll. These data will be included in my final report. The present report will primarily attempt to answer the questions posed by you and other members of the survey party. As you know, some of the important questions asked cannot be answered at this time. Additional research, interviewing, and data from the field will be needed for a complete report." (Quoted from introduction)

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