Trust Territory Administrative Files

The documents in this online collection derive from three separate 7.5- by 9.5-inch filing drawers. The online collection is arranged by drawer, using the original, handwritten label affixed to each drawer as the sub-community name. (Drawer No. 3 in its physical form was not labelled.) A file numbering system was added at the time of the online collection's creation, with the first item in drawer No. 1 given the number 0001 and all following items numbered sequentially, 0002, 0003 and etc.

Sub-communities and Collections within this community



Drawer No. 1: "Trust Territory ('47-'48). Admin. Reports [Rehabilitation - Health/Sanitation. Self-Govt. Econ. Development."

Administrative documents covering a wide array of topics (see introductory text for details).


01. Miscellaneous Preliminary Documents

Documents housed at the front of drawer number one, under no particular label. Reports cover a wide range of material, from population counts to information on construction, pending nuclear tests and etc.


02. E.H. Bryan, Jr.: Caroline Islands Areas (1946)

Contains lists of the area (in square miles) of islands, islets and lagoons throughout the Caroline Group.


03. Rehabilitation

Reports from various districts, largely dealing with post-WWII reconstruction and public works projects.


04. Rehabilitation (Welfare)

These monthly reports, filed under the broader heading of "Rehabilitation," deal specifically with issues of public welfare -- primarily relating to housing, food and clothing.


Drawer No. 2: Trust Territory (Admin. Reports (1947-1948). [Educ. & Soc Services; Civ. Ad.; Finances; Vital Statistics]

Includes files on Education and Social Services; Civil Administration Functions; Finances; Vital Statistics: and Visits.


I-E (Education & Social Services)


II-A Civil Administration Functions


II-B Civilian Administration Finances


II-C Vital Statistics


Drawer No. 3: TT Admin. reports (continued from Drawers 1 & 2); index to "The Friend"; and "Eastern Micronesia Abstract Notes."


District Reports, circa 1946-1948


Eastern Micronesia Abstract Notes


Index to The Friend

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