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Title: Hawaii geothermal legislation in 1992 
Author: State of Hawaii
Date: 1992
Publisher: State of Hawaii
Citation: State of Hawaii. 1992. Hawaii geothermal legislation in 1992. Honolulu (HI): State of Hawaii.
Description: Correspondences, agendas, Senate Bill no. 2215 (relating to geothermal resources), 2225 (relating to geothermal royalties), 2294 (relating to environmental protection), 2302 (relating to geothermal relocation of residences), 3516 (making an appropriation for geothermal energy), House Bill no. 3514 (relating to geothermal resources), 3515 (making an appropriation for geothermal emergency response), 3516 (making an appropriation for geothermal energy), 3518 (making an appropriation for geothermal coordination), 3523 (relating to geothermal resources), Senate Concurrent Resolution no. 10 (requesting the DLNR to determine the cost of carrying out the voluntary relocation of Puna residents near the geothermal development), and House Resolution no. 337 (requesting additional safety and emergency conditions be required of Puna Geothermal Venture to continue drilling operations.
Pages/Duration: 51 pages
Keywords: regulatory, economics, development, Hawaii

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