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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul 1943Book Review; On the Screen; Documents: Reich Minister Speer's Speech of June 6, 1943Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Aug 1943Book Review; Recent Japanese PublicationsEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct 1943Book Review (The China Annual, 1943; China. 12 Vortrage uber Geschichte, Kultur und Kunst [China. 12 Lectures on History, Culture, and Art] by Carl Emmo Vissering; Grundriss Japanischer Umgangssprache [Outline of Japanese Colloquial Speech] by Krafft-Helmut Voss)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct 1941Book Reviews (Hawaii: Restless Rampart, by Joseph Barber, Jr.; Zarojdenye I Razvitye Tikookeadskogo Uzla Protivoretchii (The Origin and Development of the Knot of Controversies in the Pacific Area), by V. Motylev; Chinas Erneuerung. Der Raum als Waffe (China's Rebirth, Space as a Weapon), by Dr. Lily Abegg; The Nine Magazines of Kodansha. The autobiography of a Japanese publisher, by Seiji Noma)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jun 1943Book Reviews: China, Germany and Japan, German Verse, Recent Japanese PublicationsEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
May 1943Book Review (Untersuchungen ゚ber den Aufbau der chinesischen Kultur. II. Lokalkulturen im alten China. Teil 2. Die Lokalkulturen des S゚dens und Ostens by Wolfram Eberhard; Japan In Deutschland by A. R. Kroeger)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Apr 1942Book Review [Minami-no-Kaze (Southern Wind) by Bunroku Shishi; Hei-no-Michi (The Way of Soldiers) by Kinzo Satomura; Enpo-no-Hito (People at a Distance) by Hajime Moriyama; Aisuru-Hitotachi (People Who Love) by Kosei Kawabata]Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Mar 1942Book Review (Barley and Soldiers, Mud and Soldiers, Sea and Soldiers, by Ashihei Hino; The Soldier's Log, by Masaur Taniguchi; Niku-Dan, by Tadayoshi Sakurai; Australien, by Wilhelm Nowack)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Dec 1942Reviews: Books - Analysis of "play entitled The Front by Alexander Korneytchuk"Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Apr 1943Book Review (Chinese Documentary Publications concerning the Foreign Policy of the Last Hundred Years); Japanese Magazines; On the Screen: Japanese War PicturesEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine