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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct 1944To Our Readers; Book Review; Documents (Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR And the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of May 16, 1934)Editor
Sep 1944Book Review; Appendix: Condensed Version of the Lend-Lease Act; Anglo-American Deliveries to the USSREditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jan 1945Book Review (Das Andere Licht [The Other Light] by Otto Bruhlmann, The Three Treasures and Other Stories for Children by Akutagawa. Ryunosuke, translated by Sasaki Takamasa)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jan 1942Book Reviews (Fight for the Pacific by Mark G. Gayn; Our Future in Asia By Robert Aura Smith)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Nov 1942Reviews: Books (Early Man in China by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; Man of Destiny [Unmei-no-Hito] by Kensaku Shimagi; Two Paths [Futatsu-no-Michi] by Koji Uno), Japanese Magazines, DocumentsEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Oct 1942Book Reviews: Early Man in China by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; Man of Destiny (Unmei-no-Hito) by Kensaku Shimagi; Two Paths (Futatsu-no-Michi) byh Koji UnoEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Mar 1943Book Review (The Coming American Revolution by Frederick Wiehl; I Speak Three Languages by Hertha Jahn and Sin-iti Hosino; Iwaya Saazanami_s Japanese Fairy Tales; Three Years of War)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Nov 1944Book Review (Das Sutra Vimalakirti [The Vimalakirti Sutra], Die Wandlung [The Book of Changes])Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Feb 1945Book Review; Appendix: Facts, Figures, and Documents Pertaining to Southeastern EuropeEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Feb 1944Book Review (American Imperialism in China by T_ang Leang-li; Early Japanese Settlers in the Philippines by Sei-ichi Iwao; Chinesisches Tier-Allerlei [Chinese Animal Lore] by Fritz Secker; Wolken und Kristalle [Clouds and Crystals] by Elgar von Randow)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine