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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct 1941Documents of the Summer: The German-Soviet War (Speeches by Hitler, Molotov, Stalin; Polish-Soviet and Anglo-Soviet Pacts; Churchill-Roosevelt Letter to Stalin); the Pacific (Vichy Statement and Franco-Japanese Agreement on French Indo-China; Freezing Order in USA; Netherlands East Indies Statement); Petain Radio SpeechEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Nov 1941Documents of the Autumn: The German-Soviet War (Two Speeches by Churchill; Speech by Hitler: Finnish Answer to Great Britain; Turkish Statement); the Position of the USA (The Eight Points; Roosevelt's "Shoot First" Order)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Apr 1942Documents: Chancellor Hitler's Speech, March 15, 1942Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jun 1942The Window: Americans, Tighten Your Belts!; Tug of War in Latin America; Australia Before the StormEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jul 1942The Window: Latin America's Tightest SpotEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jun 1942Documents: Chancellor Hitler's Speech, April 26, 1942; President Roosevelt's Broadcast, April 27, 1942Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Aug 1942The Battle of TonsEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jan 1942Documents: Rescript of H. M. the Emperor of Japan; Memorandum of the Japanese Foreign Office; Hitler's Speech in the German ReichstagEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jul 1942Documents: The Armistice of Compiegne; French Constitutional Acts of July 10, 1940; Speeches of Marshal Petain of October 11, 1940, and of October 30, 1940Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jul 1942The March of War (maps)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine