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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May 1942Cartoon of the Month - Sapajou: "Not Interested"Sapojinikoff, G.
Feb 1942Shanghai's Morning After (with illustrations by Sapajou)Du Berrier, Hilaire, 1906-; Sapojinikoff, G.
Jun 1942Cartoon of the Month - Sapajou: "Forging a New World"Sapojinikoff, G.
Jul 1942Cartoon of the Month - Sapajou: "Three Men and No Boats"Sapojinikoff, G.
Aug 1942Cartoon of the Month - Sapajou: "How They Weep"Sapojinikoff, G.
Oct 1942Cartoon of the Month - Sapajou: "Getting Closer"Sapojinikoff, G.
Sep 1944Before D-Day; Cartoon of the Month - SapajouFischer, Kurt [Rudolf, 1922- ?]; Sapojinikoff, G.
Jun 1943The Tragic Road of Poland, includes Cartoon of the Month: "United Nations" - SapajouH. M.; Sapojinikoff, G.
Mar 1942The Flood (with illustrations by Sapajou)Britting, Georg, 1891-1964; Sapojinikoff, G.
Apr 1942Cartoon of the Month - Sapajou: "Time, Gentlemen!"Sapojinikoff, G.