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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May 1942Book Review (Elegy by Akira Uesugi; Voice of the Current by Tatsua Ogura; Life and Opinions of Tokuno Goro by Tadashi Ito; Fighting Cock by Minpo Sato; Various Races by Hun Takami)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jun 1942Book Review (Zwischen zwie Gottern by Fritz Seeker; The Keys of the Kingdom by A. J. Cronin)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Feb 1942Book Review (The Chinese in Thailand by K. P. Landon)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jul 1942Book Review (Young Forever, by contemporary Japanese authors)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Aug 1942Book Reviews: Iwaya Sazanami's Japanese Fairy Tales; Die Sektion fur deutsche Sprache und Literatur an der Fu-Jen Universitat by Dr. F. Borneman, "Nahoko" by Tatsuo HoriEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Apr 1942Book Review [Minami-no-Kaze (Southern Wind) by Bunroku Shishi; Hei-no-Michi (The Way of Soldiers) by Kinzo Satomura; Enpo-no-Hito (People at a Distance) by Hajime Moriyama; Aisuru-Hitotachi (People Who Love) by Kosei Kawabata]Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Mar 1942Book Review (Barley and Soldiers, Mud and Soldiers, Sea and Soldiers, by Ashihei Hino; The Soldier's Log, by Masaur Taniguchi; Niku-Dan, by Tadayoshi Sakurai; Australien, by Wilhelm Nowack)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Dec 1942Reviews: Books - Analysis of "play entitled The Front by Alexander Korneytchuk"Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Jan 1942Book Reviews (Fight for the Pacific by Mark G. Gayn; Our Future in Asia By Robert Aura Smith)Editorial Staff XXth Century magazine
Nov 1942Reviews: Books (Early Man in China by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; Man of Destiny [Unmei-no-Hito] by Kensaku Shimagi; Two Paths [Futatsu-no-Michi] by Koji Uno), Japanese Magazines, DocumentsEditorial Staff XXth Century magazine