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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec 2003Calcium intake of Asian and Caucasian adolescents in Hawaii.Oshiro, Caryn E; Novotny, Rachel; Titchenal, C Alan
Mar 2004Melanoma and Hawaii's youth.Williams, Laura
Mar 2004Ophthalmomyiasis in Hawaii.Kajioka, Eric H N; Nagao, Cherie F K; Karas, Stefan; Hardman, John M.; Navin, James J
Jun 2003Case report: an ingestion of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds associated with acute psychosis.Gertsch, Jeffrey H; Wood, Christopher
May 2004Patient characteristics, health status, and health-related behaviors associated with obesity.Taira, Deborah A.; Gronley, Krista; Chung, Richard S.
Mar 2003Stressful experiences in children and adolescents: initial report from the PSEI-NCPV Honolulu Study.Bracha, H Stefan; Ralston, Tyler; Yamashita, Jennifer; Nelson, Gretchen; Lopez, Hassan H; Cummings, Tomas
Dec 2002A descriptive epidemiologic study of HIV-infected individuals in Hawaii: report of the Hawaii Sero-Positivity and Medical Management database (HSPAMM).Chow, Dominic C; Richmond-Crum, Suzanne M.; Shimizu, Sheri M; Kohatsu, Joey; Souza, Scott A.; Grandinetti, Andrew; Urada, Kevin K; Shikuma, Cecilia M.
Feb 2003Pediatric thoracic actinomycosis.Lee, Jerome P; Rudoy, Raul
Aug 2002Hamilton to Honolulu: problem based learning local style.Kramer, Kenton J.; Naguwa, Gwen S.; Martell, Jon; Kasuya, Richard T.
Jan 2003Healthy people in Hawaii?: an overview of ethnic health disparities in Hawaii for the Healthy People 2010 initiative targeted health concerns.Busch, Jessica N.; Easa, David; Grandinetti, Andrew; Mor, Joanne M.; Harrigan, Rosanne C.