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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec 2003Calcium intake of Asian and Caucasian adolescents in Hawaii.Oshiro, Caryn E; Novotny, Rachel; Titchenal, C Alan
Feb 2004Maternal predictors of infant health outcomes among Hawaiians.Todd, Wendy A; Peabody, John W
Dec 2003A new standardized food grouping system facilitates studies of diet and chronic diseases.Sharma, Sangita
Feb 2004Ethnic disparities in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in Hawaii.Hernandez, Brenda Y.; Goodman, Marc T.
Nov 2003Descriptive epidemiology of limb reduction deformities in Hawaii, 1986-2000.Forrester, Mathias B.; Merz, Ruth D.
Nov 2003Spontaneous coronary artery dissection in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosis.Sharma, Arvind K; Farb, Andrew; Maniar, Parimal; Ajani, Andrew E; Castagna, Marco; Virmani, Renu; Suddath, William; Lindsay, Joseph
Oct 2003Lamivudine prophylaxis for chemotherapy induced reactivation hepatitis B: a case report and review.Mills, Shane J; Berenberg, Jeffrey L.; Ramos, Fernando
Dec 2003A thirty-five-year-old woman with oral and genital ulcers, pustular skin lesions, and polyarthritis.Srikulmontree, Thitinan; Auethavekiat, Paranec; John, David
Dec 2003External cephalic version after rupture of membranes in early labor.Sunoo, Christian S; Bhattacharyya, Eesha R
Sep 2003HIV and women in Hawaii: risk and protective factors in HIV/AIDS prevention.Kanuha, Valli; Mueller, Charles W.; Sullivan, Kathleen M; Glancey, Patricia; Matsumoto, Pamela; Martel, Lise D