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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov 2003The role of program evaluation in medical education at the John A. Burns School of Medicine.Kasuya, Richard T.; Arakaki, Lowell; Lindberg, Marlene; Sakai, Damon H.
Sep 2003The role of community-based training in pediatric medical education at JABSOM.Fukuda, Michael H.; Derauf, D Christian; Iwaishi, Louise; Kasuya, Richard T.; Lono, Joelene; Palakiko, Donna
Mar 2004Students teaching students: Community Health's School Health Education Program (SHEP).Naguwa, Gwen S.; Kramer, Kenton J.; Fukuda, Michael H.; Kasuya, Richard T.
Jul 2004Medical School Hotline, July 2004Lindberg, Marlene; Kasuya, Richard T.
Aug 2002Hamilton to Honolulu: problem based learning local style.Kramer, Kenton J.; Naguwa, Gwen S.; Martell, Jon; Kasuya, Richard T.
Sep 2002Acute myocardial infarction and Friedreich's ataxia.Sharma, Arvind K; Kiyokawa, Miki; Kim, Edward T; Lee, David T; Kasuya, Richard T.
Jan 2002School health education at the Queen Emma Clinics: a service-learning project at the John A. Burns School of Medicine.Sakai, Damon H.; Fukuda, Michael H.; Nip, Ivy L.; Kasuya, Richard T.
Sep 2001Medical Education Fellowship in the Office of Medical Education at the John A. Burns School of Medicine.Sakai, Damon H.; Kasuya, Richard T.
Feb 1998Medical School Hotline, February 1998Kasuya, Richard T.; Bogden, P; Sakai, Damon H.; Sousa, P
Oct 2005Excellence in research and education at the John A. Burns School of Medicine: a tribute to Edwin Cadman's vision.Shomaker, T. Samuel; Easa, David; Harrigan, Rosanne C.; Berry, Marla; Gubler, Duane; Andrade, Naleen; Mau, Marjorie; Palafox, Neal; Blanchette, Patricia L.; Rayner, Martin; Kasuya, Richard T.; Withy, Kelley M.; Davis, James W.