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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec 2003Calcium intake of Asian and Caucasian adolescents in Hawaii.Oshiro, Caryn E; Novotny, Rachel; Titchenal, C Alan
Jan 20045-azacitidine: An alternative treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes in patient with refractory response to hematopoietic growth factor, a case report and review of literatures.Suwanawiboon, Bundarika; Sumida, Kenneth N. M.
Dec 2003A new standardized food grouping system facilitates studies of diet and chronic diseases.Sharma, Sangita
Feb 2004Ethnic disparities in colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in Hawaii.Hernandez, Brenda Y.; Goodman, Marc T.
Nov 2003Descriptive epidemiology of limb reduction deformities in Hawaii, 1986-2000.Forrester, Mathias B.; Merz, Ruth D.
Dec 2003Acute generalized pustular psoriasis presenting with erythroderma associated with shock and acute renal failure.Takedai, Teiichi; Yamamoto, Izumi; Tokeshi, Jinichi
Sep 2003Increase in cancer rates among Filipino men in Hawaii.Goodman, Marc T.; Wilkens, Lynne R.
Sep 2003HIV and women in Hawaii: risk and protective factors in HIV/AIDS prevention.Kanuha, Valli; Mueller, Charles W.; Sullivan, Kathleen M; Glancey, Patricia; Matsumoto, Pamela; Martel, Lise D
Jul 2003Cancer screening among Vietnamese in Hawaii.Nguyen, Ly T; Withy, Kelley M.; Nguyen, Michelle M; Yamada, Seiji
Mar 2004Fatal postoperative arrhythmia in a man with a remote history of methamphetamine and cocaine use: a case report.Inouye, David S; Navin, James J; Hardman, John M.