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II-09 雅州 Ya-chou (geologic)


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dc.contributor.authorKobayashi, G.
dc.contributor.authorWakabayashi, H.
dc.contributor.authorŌoka, R.
dc.contributor.authorNakano, S.
dc.contributor.authorHoriuchi, N.
dc.coverage.spatialCheungdu (成都)
dc.coverage.spatialLeshan (樂山)Ya'an (雅安)
dc.descriptionScale 1:200,000
dc.description51 x 63 cm
dc.descriptionShows lithology (distribution of different rock types) with color notations, dip and strike, contour lines, spot heights, hydrology (rivers and streams), railways, temples, major cities, and province and county boundaries. Names of major junctions are romanized. Selective topography. Many interior areas blank. Partial coverage of former prefectures: Chiung-chou [sic] (邛州), Ya-chou (雅州), Chia-ting-fu (嘉定府).
dc.descriptionIncludes a diagram of adjoining sheets. Legend in Japanese and English. Romanization of place names is in Mandarin using the Wade-Giles system.
dc.format.extent1 sheet
dc.publisherTōkyō Geographical Society
dc.relation.ispartofseriesGeographical Research in China, 1911-1916, Topographical and Geological Maps, Second Part
dc.relation.ispartofseries支那地學調査, 第貳帙
dc.subject.lcshYa'an (China)
dc.titleII-09 雅州 Ya-chou (geologic)
dc.title.alternativeSheet 9
Appears in Collections:Geographical Research in China 1917

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