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Gobu Shinsho Kanpyō 五部神書冠評

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dc.contributor.authorMujaku Dōchū, 無著道忠-
dc.descriptionThere is only a brief mention of this work in Iida Rigyō 飯田利行. 1986. Gakusei Mujaku Dōchū 学聖 無著道忠 (The erudite saint Mujaku Dōchū). Kyoto: Zenbunka kenkyūsho, p. 316.en_US
dc.description.abstractMujaku's annotations concerning the Shintō Gobusho 神道五部書 (Scriptures of Shinto in five parts) including: Chinza Hongi 鎭座本記, Chinza Denki 鎭座傳記, Chinza Shidaiki 鎭座次第記, Yamato Hime no Mikoto Seiki 倭姬命世記, and Hōki Hongi 寶基本記.en_US
dc.format.extent19 double pagesen_US
dc.publisherNone, archival materialen_US
dc.rightsMujaku Dōchū 無著道忠 (1653–1745!) lived in the eighteenth century and all rights have expired. Unfortunately, this archival document is without date. The original archive is kept at Ryūge-in 龍華院, a subtemple of Myōshinji.en_US
dc.subjectBuddhist priestsen_US
dc.subjectEdo period, Japan, 1600-1868en_US
dc.titleGobu Shinsho Kanpyō 五部神書冠評en_US
dc.title.alternativeCrowning comments on the Shinto scriptures in five partsen_US
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