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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.; Hackler, Rhoda E.A.
1998Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.
1996Notes & QueriesKay, E. Alison; Schmitt, Robert C.; Chapin, Helen Geracimos
1997Notes & QueriesRumford, James; O'Connor, Kaori; Schmitt, Robert C.; Greer, Richard A.
1991Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.; Stewart, Liane Ulumealani; Stewart, Robert Campbell; Schumacher, W. Wilfried; Wood, Christopher; Hackler, Rhoda E.A.; Riznik, Barnes
1987Notes & QueriesJackson, Frances; Schmitt, Robert C.; Kay, E. Alison
1995Notes & QueriesKaeppler, Adrienne L.; Schmitt, Robert C.; Goodell, Lela
1982Pipes, Pools, and Privies: Some Notes on Early Island PlumbingSchmitt, Robert C.
1974Population Policy in HawaiiSchmitt, Robert C.
1984Population Trends on KahoolaweSchmitt, Robert C.; Silva, Carol L.
1973Religious Statistics of Hawaii, 1825-1972Schmitt, Robert C.
1983Royal Crowns and Historic Plaque: Dentistry in Hawaii during the 19th CenturySchmitt, Robert C.
1981Some Construction and Housing Firsts in HawaiiSchmitt, Robert C.
1980Some Firsts in Island Business and GovernmentSchmitt, Robert C.
1978Some Firsts in Island LeisureSchmitt, Robert C.
1991Some Movies We MissedSchmitt, Robert C.
1979Some Transportation and Communication Firsts in HawaiiSchmitt, Robert C.
1987Survey Research in Hawai'i before 1950Schmitt, Robert C.
1985Two Centuries of Eye Care in Hawai'iSchmitt, Robert C.
1976Unemployment Rates in Hawaii During the 1930'sSchmitt, Robert C.