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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Defining the Role of College Professor: John Mason Young and the Early Years of the College of HawaiiFurstenberg, Barbara
2001Delbert E. Metzger, Hawai'i's Liberal JudgeMelendy, H. Brett
1993Demise of the English Standard School System in Hawai'iHughes, Judith R.
1968DesperationHawaiian Historical Society
1970Destination, Sandwich Islands, Nov. 8, 1887d'Oliveira, Joao Baptista; d'Ornellas, Vicente; de Silva Canario, Lucille
2007Different Islands, Different Experiences: American Travel Accounts of Samoa and Hawai'i, 1890-1910Ahmad, Diana L.
1992Doctor Auguste Jean Baptiste and Evelyn Oliver MarquesBouslog, Charles S.
1991Doctor Georges Phillipe Trousseau, Royal PhysicianGreenwell, Jean
2001Documentary reviews of 0 Hawai'i: of Hawai'i from Settlement to Kingdom; Nation Within: the Story of America's Annexation of the Nation of Hawai'i; Hawai'i's Last Queen; 1946: the Great Hawaii Sugar Strike; the Great Hawaii Dock Strike; the 442nd: Duty, Honor, and LoyaltyBoylan, Daniel
2000Dousing Honolulu's Red LightsGreer, Richard A.
1967Dr. Edward Arning, the First Microbiologist in HawaiiBushnell, O.A.
1992Duke of Portland, the Traveller, and the Prince Regent: Three Little-known Vessels from AustraliaJackson, Frances
2000E Ola Mau Kakou I Ka 'Olelo Makuahine: Hawaiian Language Policy and the CourtsLucas, Paul F. Nahoa
1978E. T. A. Hoffmann's Haimatochare Translation and commentaryMoore, Anneliese W.
1991Earliest Ascents of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawai'iBarnard, Walther M.
1986Early Hawaiian BridgesSchmitt, Robert C.
2008Early Hawaiian Newspapers and Kanaka Maoli Intellectual History, 1834–1855Silva, Noenoe; Badis, Iokepa
1991An Early Hawaiian VocabularyDay, A. Grove
1994Early Island ConventionsSchmitt, Robert C.
1985Early Plant Introductions in Hawai'iNagata, Kenneth M.