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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978E. T. A. Hoffmann's Haimatochare Translation and commentaryMoore, Anneliese W.
1991Earliest Ascents of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawai'iBarnard, Walther M.
1986Early Hawaiian BridgesSchmitt, Robert C.
2008Early Hawaiian Newspapers and Kanaka Maoli Intellectual History, 1834–1855Silva, Noenoe; Badis, Iokepa
1991An Early Hawaiian VocabularyDay, A. Grove
1994Early Island ConventionsSchmitt, Robert C.
1985Early Plant Introductions in Hawai'iNagata, Kenneth M.
1986Early Symphonic Music Organizations in Honolulu and Their ConductorsHall, Dale E.
2008"Earnest Persuasion but Not Peremptory Demand:" United States Government Policy toward the Kingdom of Hawai'i, 1820–1863Hackler, Rhoda E.A.
1987Earthquake Experience in HonoluluCox, Doak C.
1981EditorialHawaiian Historical Society
1986EditorialHawaiian Historical Society
1983EditorialHawaiian Historical Society
1985EditorialHawaiian Historical Society
1982Educational and Civic Leadership of Elsie Wilcox, 1920-1932Gething, Judith Dean
1980Effect of World War I on the German Community in HawaiiWagner-Seavey, Sandra E.
1970Elias Abraham Rosenberg, King Kalakaua's SoothsayerAdler, Jacob
1987An Emersonian in the Sandwich Islands: the Career of Giles WaldoDoudna, Martin K.
1997An English Entrepreneur in the Hawaiian Islands: the Life and Times of John Kidwell, 1849 - 1922Hawkins, Richard A.
2000Entrepot to the World: Richard Charlton's Observations of Trade via Hawai'i, 1828 - 1841MacAllan, Richard