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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Political Debut of Walter Murray GibsonKamins, Robert M.
1984Politics of StatehoodQuinn, William F.
1974Population Policy in HawaiiSchmitt, Robert C.
1994Population Trends in Hawai'i Before 1778Dye, Tom
1984Population Trends on KahoolaweSchmitt, Robert C.; Silva, Carol L.
2011A Portal to the Past: Property Taxes in the Kingdom of Hawai'iWoods, Thomas A.
1975Power of Seniority: Senator Hugh Butler and Statehood for HawaiiPaul, Justus F.
2004President Roosevelt and General MacArthur at the Honolulu Conference of 1944Castle, Alfred L.
2003Princess Abigail Kawananakoa: the Forgotten Territorial Native Hawaiian LeaderHawkins, Richard A.
1969Princess NahienaenaSinclair, Marjorie
1982Princeville Plantation PapersHackler, Rhoda E.A.
1993Profit and Prophecy: the Polynesian Cultural Center and Lai'e's Recurrent ColonialismWebb, T.D.
2000Progressive Era and Hawai'i: the Early History of Palama Settlement, 1896-1929Nishimoto, Warren S.
1973Prussian Presents - Military and MillineryMoore, Anneliese W.
1968Publications of Ralph S. KuykendallKuykendall, Delman L.; Hunter, Charles H.
1975Purveyors of Clever AmusementO'Dwyer, Diane
2012Queen Kamämalu’s Place in Hawaiian HistoryCorley, J. Susan
1996Queen Kapi'olani's Lei ChantsStillman, Amy Ku'uleialoha
1981Queen's "Greek Artillery Fire": Greek Royalists in the Hawaiian Revolution and CounterrevolutionChapin, Helen Geracimos
2002Randolph Crossley and His Half-Century in Hawai'iHolmes, T. Michael