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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Richard Charlton: A ReassessmentMacAllan, Richard
1991Riot, Mutiny, Killing, and Cannibalism: George Brown's Maui TourGreer, Richard A.
1983Royal Crowns and Historic Plaque: Dentistry in Hawaii during the 19th CenturySchmitt, Robert C.
2013Royal Standards of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, 1837–1893Askman, Douglas V.
1971Royal Tourist - Kalakaua's Letters Home from Tokio to London,Greer, Richard A.
1983Russian Traveler's Impressions of Hawaii and Tahiti, 1859-1860Wiswell, Ella L.
1977S. P. Aheong, Hawaii's First Chinese Christian Evangelist,Char, Tin-Yuke
1971Sacred Wife of Kamehameha ISinclair, Marjorie
1968Sandwich Islands, from Richard Brinsley Hinds' Journal of the Voyage of the Sulphur (1836-1842), transcribed and editedKay, E. Alison
1999Scorched Earth Policy for O'ahuDorrance, William H.
1978Self-Eluders, Shadow Chasers and Lotus-Eaters: the White Man in the Pacific IslandsStrona, Paul
1990Sending the Children Home: A Dilemma for Early MissionariesZwiep, Mary
1983Shadows of Destiny: A French Navigator's View of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its Government in 1828Korn, Alfons L.
1991Short History of Hawaiian Executions, 1826-1947Theroux, Joseph
1986Sir George Simpson and the Mission for Hawaiian Independence, 1840-1843MacAllan, Richard
1968Sketch of Ke-Kua-Nohu, 1845-1850, with Notes of Other Times Before and After,Greer, Richard A.
2014Snow on the Summits of Hawai'i Island: Historical Sources from 1778 to 1870Schorghofer, Norbert; Kantar, Elianna; Nogelmeier, M. Puakea
2014Soichi Sakamoto and the Three Year Swim Club "The World's Greatest Swimming Coach"Nakamura, Kelli Y.
1992Sojourner: My Grandmother Shige OshitaKono, Juliet S.
1991Solar Eclipses in Hawai'iKyselka, Will