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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998U.S. Army on Kaua'i, 1909-1942Dorrance, William H.
1999U.S. Commercial Policy and Hawai'i, 1890-1894Castle, Alfred L.
1976Unemployment Rates in Hawaii During the 1930'sSchmitt, Robert C.
1968United States Leprosy Investigation Station at KalawaoBushnell, O.A.
1999Unlucky Star - Princess Ka'iulaniStassen-McLaughlin, Marilyn
1985Unwanted Allies: Koreans as Enemy Aliens in World War IIMacmillan, Michael E.
2013Up In Arms! The Struggle to Preserve the Legacy of the National Park Service During WartimeNakamura, Jadelyn J. Moniz (Jadelyn Joy Moniz)
1989Vancouver in Hawai'iHackler, Rhoda E.A.; Speakman, Cummins E.
1976Vignette of Early Hawaii-Japan Relations: Highlights of King Kalakaua's Sojourn in Japan on His Trip around the World as Recorded in His Personal DiaryMarumoto, Masaji
2011"Violence and Press Incendiarism": Media and Labor Conflicts in the 1909 StrikeNakamura, Kelli Y.
1995Visit to KilaueaJackson, Frances
1969Voice of CommerceHackler, Rhoda E.A.
1998Voice"less" Hawaiian: An Analysis of Educational Policymaking, 1820-1960Benham, Maenette K.P.
1971Voter Participation Rates in Hawaii before 1900Schmitt, Robert C.
1975Voyage of the "Thetis" and the First Chinese Contract Laborers Brought to HawaiiGlick, Clarence E.
2006Voyage of the Parthian: Life and Religion Aboard a l9th-Century Ship Bound for Hawai'iMiller, Charles William
1987Voyage of the S. Gabriel, Portuguese Naval Vessel, to Hawai'i in 1910de Vasconcellos e Sousa, Maria Azevedo Coutinho; Knowlton, Edgar C. Jr.
1994Waialua: Voices from the PastAlameida, Roy Kakulu
1992Waimea, Kaua'i in 1839: An Account by Louis Thiercelin, Whaling DoctorMortelier, Christiane
2009Wally Fujiyama and the University of Hawai'i: 1974-1982Holmes, T. Michael