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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Vancouver in Hawai'iHackler, Rhoda E.A.; Speakman, Cummins E.
1976Vignette of Early Hawaii-Japan Relations: Highlights of King Kalakaua's Sojourn in Japan on His Trip around the World as Recorded in His Personal DiaryMarumoto, Masaji
2011"Violence and Press Incendiarism": Media and Labor Conflicts in the 1909 StrikeNakamura, Kelli Y.
1995Visit to KilaueaJackson, Frances
1969Voice of CommerceHackler, Rhoda E.A.
1998Voice"less" Hawaiian: An Analysis of Educational Policymaking, 1820-1960Benham, Maenette K.P.
1971Voter Participation Rates in Hawaii before 1900Schmitt, Robert C.
1975Voyage of the "Thetis" and the First Chinese Contract Laborers Brought to HawaiiGlick, Clarence E.
2006Voyage of the Parthian: Life and Religion Aboard a l9th-Century Ship Bound for Hawai'iMiller, Charles William
1987Voyage of the S. Gabriel, Portuguese Naval Vessel, to Hawai'i in 1910de Vasconcellos e Sousa, Maria Azevedo Coutinho; Knowlton, Edgar C. Jr.
1994Waialua: Voices from the PastAlameida, Roy Kakulu
1992Waimea, Kaua'i in 1839: An Account by Louis Thiercelin, Whaling DoctorMortelier, Christiane
2009Wally Fujiyama and the University of Hawai'i: 1974-1982Holmes, T. Michael
2007"We Shall Soon See the Consequences of Such Conduct": John Ledyard RevisitedSmith, Roger C.
1993Whalemen, Missionaries, and the Practice of Christianity in the Nineteenth-Century PacificBusch, Briton C.
1980Whatever Became of Yankee Jem? A fragmentWard, David
1985When Halley's Comet Came: Letters of Anne Goodwin Winslow 1908-1911Chapman, M. Winslow
1995William Churchill: A Fractured LifeTheroux, Joseph
2004William Little Lee and Catherine Lee, Letters from Hawai'i, 1848-1855Dunn, Barbara E.
1973William Richards on Hawaiian Culture and Political Conditions of the Hawaiian Islands in 1841Sahlins, Marshall; Barrere, Dorothy