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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008"None of Them Came for Me:" The Kapi'olani Home for Girls, 1885–1938Richardson, Janine M.
1992Notes & QueriesArdolino, Frank; Schumacher, W. Wilfried; Kawaharada, Dennis
1994Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.; Hackler, Rhoda E.A.
2003Notes & QueriesChernin, Ted
1998Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.
1999Notes & QueriesKarpiel, Frank
1996Notes & QueriesKay, E. Alison; Schmitt, Robert C.; Chapin, Helen Geracimos
1997Notes & QueriesRumford, James; O'Connor, Kaori; Schmitt, Robert C.; Greer, Richard A.
1993Notes & QueriesSchumacher, W. Wilfried; Rumford, James
1989Notes & QueriesNordyke, Eleanor C.; Schumacher, W. Wilfried; Quigg, Agnes; Cushing, Robert L.
1991Notes & QueriesSchmitt, Robert C.; Stewart, Liane Ulumealani; Stewart, Robert Campbell; Schumacher, W. Wilfried; Wood, Christopher; Hackler, Rhoda E.A.; Riznik, Barnes
1988Notes & QueriesJackson, Frances
1987Notes & QueriesJackson, Frances; Schmitt, Robert C.; Kay, E. Alison
1990Notes & QueriesMurphy, Thomas D.; Schumacher, W. Wilfried
1995Notes & QueriesKaeppler, Adrienne L.; Schmitt, Robert C.; Goodell, Lela
2004Notes & QueriesChernin, Ted; Moore, Anneliese W.; Szego, C.K.; Mills, Peter R.
2010Notes & Queries: Kalanimoku's Lost LetterCorley, J. Susan; Nogelmeier, M. Puakea
2013Notes & Queries: Manuscripts to Write Home AboutKearney, Judith
2012Notes & Queries: National Museums Scotland Displays One of Kamehameha II's Featherwork 'Ahu'ula CloaksCorley, J. Susan
2014Notes & Queries: The Edinbugh Hawaiian Feathered CloakKaeppler, Adrienne L.