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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1984Politics of StatehoodQuinn, William F.
1974Population Policy in HawaiiSchmitt, Robert C.
1994Population Trends in Hawai'i Before 1778Dye, Tom
1984Population Trends on KahoolaweSchmitt, Robert C.; Silva, Carol L.
2011A Portal to the Past: Property Taxes in the Kingdom of Hawai'iWoods, Thomas A.
1975Power of Seniority: Senator Hugh Butler and Statehood for HawaiiPaul, Justus F.
2004President Roosevelt and General MacArthur at the Honolulu Conference of 1944Castle, Alfred L.
2003Princess Abigail Kawananakoa: the Forgotten Territorial Native Hawaiian LeaderHawkins, Richard A.
1969Princess NahienaenaSinclair, Marjorie
1982Princeville Plantation PapersHackler, Rhoda E.A.
1993Profit and Prophecy: the Polynesian Cultural Center and Lai'e's Recurrent ColonialismWebb, T.D.
2000Progressive Era and Hawai'i: the Early History of Palama Settlement, 1896-1929Nishimoto, Warren S.
1973Prussian Presents - Military and MillineryMoore, Anneliese W.
1968Publications of Ralph S. KuykendallKuykendall, Delman L.; Hunter, Charles H.
1975Purveyors of Clever AmusementO'Dwyer, Diane
2012Queen Kamämalu’s Place in Hawaiian HistoryCorley, J. Susan
1996Queen Kapi'olani's Lei ChantsStillman, Amy Ku'uleialoha
1981Queen's "Greek Artillery Fire": Greek Royalists in the Hawaiian Revolution and CounterrevolutionChapin, Helen Geracimos
2002Randolph Crossley and His Half-Century in Hawai'iHolmes, T. Michael
1975Relationship Between A'ina, early Chinese Settler in Hilo, and Kamukai Victor; a correctionKai, Peggy