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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Scorched Earth Policy for O'ahuDorrance, William H.
1978Self-Eluders, Shadow Chasers and Lotus-Eaters: the White Man in the Pacific IslandsStrona, Paul
1990Sending the Children Home: A Dilemma for Early MissionariesZwiep, Mary
1983Shadows of Destiny: A French Navigator's View of the Hawaiian Kingdom and its Government in 1828Korn, Alfons L.
1991Short History of Hawaiian Executions, 1826-1947Theroux, Joseph
1986Sir George Simpson and the Mission for Hawaiian Independence, 1840-1843MacAllan, Richard
1968Sketch of Ke-Kua-Nohu, 1845-1850, with Notes of Other Times Before and After,Greer, Richard A.
2014Snow on the Summits of Hawai'i Island: Historical Sources from 1778 to 1870Schorghofer, Norbert; Kantar, Elianna; Nogelmeier, M. Puakea
2014Soichi Sakamoto and the Three Year Swim Club "The World's Greatest Swimming Coach"Nakamura, Kelli Y.
1992Sojourner: My Grandmother Shige OshitaKono, Juliet S.
1991Solar Eclipses in Hawai'iKyselka, Will
1981Some Construction and Housing Firsts in HawaiiSchmitt, Robert C.
1980Some Firsts in Island Business and GovernmentSchmitt, Robert C.
1978Some Firsts in Island LeisureSchmitt, Robert C.
1991Some Movies We MissedSchmitt, Robert C.
1980Some Problems with Beachcomber Books: the Example of Samuel Patterson's WritingsBargatzky, Thomas
1979Some Transportation and Communication Firsts in HawaiiSchmitt, Robert C.
1980Spanish in Hawaii: Gaytan to MarinCutter, Donald
2005Spanish-American War Sites in HonoluluGreguras, Fred
2009The Story Behind the Headstone: The Life of William KanuiWarne, Douglas