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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The Hana Belt Road: Paving the Way for TourismDuensing, Dawn E.
1989Harriet Castle and the Beginnings of Progressive Kindergarten Education in Hawai'i 1894-1900Castle, Alfred L.
1977Harry Maitey: from Polynesia to PrussiaMoore, Anneliese
1992Hawai'i and the Gold Rush: George Allen of the Hudson's Bay Company Reports on His 1848 Mission in Pursuit of Captain John SutterSpoehr, Alexander
2014Hawai'i at Home During the American Civil WarManning, Anita; Vance, Justin W.
2000Hawai'i in 1819: An Account by Camille de RoquefeuilBirkett, Mary Ellen
1996Hawai'i in the Movies, 1898-1959, Part IVSchmitt, Robert C.
1997Hawai'i Turns to Sugar: the Rise of the Plantation Centers, 1860-1880MacLennan, Carol A.
1997Hawai'i's Beers and BrewersSchmitt, Robert C.
2001Hawai'i's Commercial Fishing Industry: 1820-1945Schug, Donald M.
2008Hawai'i's Forgotten Crop: Corn on Maui, 1851–1951Duensing, Dawn E.
2000Hawai'i's Holy War: English Bishop Staley, American Congregationalists, and the Hawaiian Monarchs, 1860 - 1870Semes, Robert Louis
1998Hawai'i's War Veterans and Battle DeathsSchmitt, Robert C.
1983Hawai'i-United States Treaty of 1826Stauffer, Robert H.
1975Hawaii in 1855Egerstrom, C. Axel; Conrad, Agnes C.
1984Hawaii in 1880: the Journal of Dr. Nelson J. BirdBell, Susan N.
1978Hawaii in a Nutshell - E. T. A. Hoffmann's HaimatochareMoore, Anneliese W.
2004Hawaiian Ali'i Women in New York Society: the Ena-Coney-Vos-Gould ConnectionWilliams, Rianna M.
1977Hawaiian Coinage Controversy - Or, What Price a Handsome ProfileAndrade, Ernest
1993Hawaiian Flag Quilts: Multivalent Symbols of a Hawaiian Quilt TraditionHammond, Joyce D.