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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002"O That My Mouth Might Be Opened": Missionaries, Gender, and Language in Early 19th-century Hawai'iKashay, Jennifer Fish
2000Observations of the First Japanese to Land in Hawai'iKono, Hideto; Sinoto, Kazuko
1977Odyssey of Nicholas RussellHayashida, Ronald; Kittelson, David
1988of Credit Unions, Medical Unions, and Pineapple Harvesters: Three Vignettes from the 1930sNordyke, Eleanor C.
2012Off in the Far Away: Georgia O'Keeffe's Letters Home from Hawai'iSaville, Jennifer
1982Okinawa Migrants to HawaiiMatsumoto, Y. Scott
1973Old Complaint of Stephen ReynoldsWard, David A.
2004Old Shibai: Japanese Theater in Hawai'iConaty, Nora
1976On the Descent of John Owen Dominis, Prince Consort of Queen LiliuokalaniKovacevic, Ante
1976On the Probability of Pre-1778 Japanese Drifts to HawaiiBraden, Wythe E.
1993On the Rising of the PleiadesKyselka, Will
1997Opera and Operetta in Nineteenth-Century Hawai'iHall, Dale E.
2002Opera House and the Orpheum: Elite and Popular Theater in Early 20th-century Hawai'iChoy, Sammie
2013The Other Islands of AlohaKramer, Scott; Kramer, Hanae Kurihara
1993An Ottoman View of Missionary Activity in Hawai'iDeringil, Selim
1976"Owhyhee's Prodigal"Bell, Susan N.
2005Pacific Cable, Hawai'i, and Global CommunicationLyons, Jeffrey K.
1978Pacific Destiny' and American Policy in Samoa, 1872-1899Anderson, Stuart
1980Palmerston Atoll: A tale of survival over 117 years by one familyPryor, Pamela Takiora Ingram
1984Paul-Emile Botta, Visitor to Hawai'i in 1828Knowlton, Edgar C. Jr.