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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-27177Debrief of an agricultural advisor, Quang Tri, Vietnam, 1967-1968-
27-Jan-27177Debrief of an AID nurse advisor, Phong Dinh Province, Vietman, 1967-1968.-
18-Nov-27176Debrief of an AID official, Vietnam, 1966-
1-Feb-27177Debrief of an AID program officer, Vietnam, 1966-1968.-
18-Feb-27177Debrief of an assistant area development officer, Blake W.H. Smith, Sadec Province, Vietnam, 1967-1968.Smith, Blake W.H.
25-Jan-27177Debrief of an assistant land reform advisor, Vietnam, 1965-1967.-
16-Jan-27177Debrief of an education advisor, Region II, Vietnam, 1966-1967-
2-Jan-27177Debrief of an education advisor, Vietnam, 1966-1968-
18-May-15738Gia-Long phục-quốc : có nhiều tờ biên kí lạ chưa từng in ra : có hình khéoLê, Văn Thơm
-Hantōshi hensan ni tsuki uchiawase jikō-
1923Irradiador : revista de vanguardia-
Jul-1948Justice for SalcidoEndore, Guy
13-Aug-15729Khristianstvo i laponia. Pisma iz laponiiBulgakov
1938Kitaiskii Blagoviestnik-
1889Life and letters of Father Damien, the Apostle of the lepersPamphile de Veuster, Auguste
1-Mar-27177Molokai community profile. [Prepared by William Clifford Sifton, Ronald Lee Barozzi [and] Karen Pace Ching]Hawaii. State Planning System. Community Action Program.
10-Jan-21241NevozvratnoeOl'ga Aleksandrovna Morozova
20-Feb-27177Okinawa ; keystone of the Pacific.-
24-Feb-27177The story of V.D.Johnson, June.
27-Feb-27177Studies on the validity of Darcy's law for flow in natural sands ; technical completion report USDI/OWRR project no. A-037-GA, initiated July 1971, coCarver, Robert E.,