Updated: 4/2/2016
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization

hidden; obscure; invisible; doubtful

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( 9 )

1.Bojin eo ejujen wanlōñ āinwōt an ba, meñe ekar jab aelọk an jab itok-limoin eake men eo.The Boatswain went up as he was told, even though it was obvious he didn’t want to. P916itok-limoin
2.Ej jab aelọk ajej in kabwebwein ri-nana.The cheating of evil men is not hard to see.ajej in kabwebwe
3.Ej jab aelọk juaein turun Epoon.It's not difficult to see the currents near Epoonjuae
4.Ej jab aelọk mālōtlōtHe's definitely a genius.ej jab aelọk
5.Ej jab aelọk uwaan kakūtōtō bwe epedet armej.He's obviously of a naughty sort because he's too forward in his actions.uwaan kakūtōtō
6.Ej jab aelọk.It's quite obvious.aelọk
7.Kilin bọọk eo euno mouj bwe en jab aelọk ilo boñ.Maybe the box was painted white so it would be easier to see in the dark. P512wūno
8.Mede eṇ bwe ej jab aelọk albakbōkinThat's Mary because that's obviously how she carries things tucked under her arm.albakbōk
9.Rej jab aelọk jerbal ko an rōmṃan.His good performances are known by everybody. His good work is well known.ej jab aelọk

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