Updated: 4/2/2016
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization


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( 10 )

1.Ebaj to ak ijeḷā ke ebōd ḷōmṇak eo bwe Jema ediwōj tok im ḷak baj lo an āindeeo eba, Eiiaḷañe.”It had been a while, but I knew my thinking was wrong because when Father came out to where I was and saw the same thing, he said, The moon is coming up.” P222diwōj
2.Eiio de wiikin ammān āindeeo.We spent the whole week in that situation. P1187iio
3.Ej ja āindeeo an kar ḷap raij im pilawā eo kijemmān ak rōban jerbal kōn wōt an kar jabwe dānnin idaak ñan kōmat.So even though we had a lot of rice and flour, we didn’t use any because we didn’t have enough fresh water to cook with. P1017jabwe
4.Ekar āindeeo an nanaḷọk lañ ñan ke enañin kij jiljino awa jọteen eo.It stayed that way and even got worse until about 6 o’clock that evening. P785nana
5.Ekar jab to ammān āindeeo innem emaat aḷaḷ ko rōkar aikuj wanlōñ ḷọk im pād i lọjet.It wasn’t long before we had passed up all the boards that needed to go in the water. P712āinde-
6.Ekar lukkuun arrukwikwi tok jiō kōn an wa eo āindeeo ioon ṇo ko.I started to feel very squeamish as the boat continued like that over the waves. P521arrukwikwi
7.Ij ḷōmṇak bao eo ekar kōṃṃan bwe en āindeeo.At first I thought it was the bird making that noise. P1045bwe
8.Kar āindeeo ammān didiakeōk tak ḷọk raan eo ooṃ boñ.We kept tacking in this fashion all day as we sailed east until it was night. P862diak
9.Kōto eo ekọto im Kapen eo kab Jema rōḷak kōbbaal tok rōba ke enaaj kar āindeeo an ṃōṃan ñan boñ.The trade winds were blowing favorably and the Captain and Father looked up at the clouds and predicted it would be like that for the rest of the day. P969kọto
10.Ḷeo edeḷọñ ḷọk ilowaan ruuṃ eo im ḷak diwōj tok ej jibwe ruo ḷoobwin pilawā, eṃōj an limi kōn peba būrawūn, ej ja āindeeo aer māāṇāṇ ke rej kab mat tok.The man went into a room and when he came back out he was holding loaves of bread, already wrapped in brown paper, still warm from the oven. P264būrawūn

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