Updated: 4/2/2016
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization

1. weave; darn; knit
2. fit for (usually followed by construct particle in)
3. bunch of bananas

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( 11 )

1.Ij āj jaki im kōṃad ak ilukkuun kijooror in rọọl ñan aeto kaṇ.”I’ve been weaving mats and keeping myself busy, but I’m eager to go back to the small islands.” P195ṃadṃōd
2.Āj in jaajmi.Just right for eating raw.āj
3.Āj in kāine.Good for breeding.āj
4.Āj in karūtto.Ripe for deflowering.āj
5.Āj in ṃōñāFit for consumption.āj
6.Āj in uṃuṃ.Right for baking.āj
7.Ear āj jakiShe wove the mat.āj
8.Kōnke wōjḷā ko etto rejọ kōn kōṃṃan jān maañin bōb, rūtto ro rōkōn aikuj āj atro kein lōbboiki bwe ren jab tutu im ṃọḷeḷeBecause the sails of old were made from woven pandanus leaves, our ancestors necessarily had to weave atro for covering their canoe sails to prevent them from getting soaked.lōbbọ
9.Kōrā ro raṇ rej āj jepeThe women are weaving small baskets.jepe
10.Kōrein Likiep rej make wōt jeḷā āj deel amiṃōṇo.Women of Likiep are renowned makers of fan handicraft.kōrā
11.Liṃaro raṇ rej āj jeinaeThe women are weaving jeinaejeinae

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