Updated: 4/2/2016
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization


see: alluwaḷọkstare after; look at a distance

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( 6 )

1.Ej alluwaḷọke an jentoki ko juñaidi im buuk doon.From a distance he's watching the fighter planes engaging in a spectacular dogfight.alluwaḷọk
2.Enta kwōj alluwaḷọke ke enaaj ḷōmṇak eṃṃan men eṇ ej kōṃṃane.Don't just look at him or he'll think you approve of what he's doing.alluwaḷọk
3.Iroñ ainikien eo im ḷak lukkuun alluwaḷọke ḷọk ijo ej itok jāne.I heard a noise and looked over to where I thought it had come from. P1039alluwaḷọk
4.Ṃōṃkaj jān kar etal jān ijo, ikar bar alluwaḷọke ḷọk iuṃwin ko bwe in lale ej et dān eo i lowa.Before I went up I looked under the boards inside to see how the bilge water was. P1115alluwaḷọk
5.Ta ṇe kwōj alluwaḷọke?What are you staring after?alluwaḷọk
6.Wōn ṇe kwōj alluwaḷọke?Who are you staring at (over there)?alluwaḷọk

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