Updated: 4/2/2016
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization


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1.Baar in America bwe epen.It's a crowbar made in America because it's strong.baar
2.Baar in China eṇ edik jān baarin America eṇThe Chinese saloon is smaller than the American saloon.baar
3.Baij in America bwe ekajoor.The vise was made in the USA because it's strong.baij
4.Bojin eo ej bwebwenato ñan Jema kōn an kar nana kōjeien ilo paata eo an kar America im Japan.The Boatswain was telling Father a story about how bad things were for him during the war between the United States and Japan. P978kōjea-
5.Ennọlok bae in America.American pie is better.bae
6.Ri-bait eo jān America ewiinThe boxer from America won the fight.bait
7.Wa in ṃōṃkaj kar boojin eakto ektak jeḷaan tiṃa ko waan Navy eo an America.Before, this boat was a cargo ship, belonging to the American Navy sailors. P3booj

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