Updated: 4/2/2016
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Concordance of the Example Sentences

unified alphabetization


see: Arṇo see Arṇo. place name

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( 16 )

1.Aeniñeañḷọk tata likin Ḷōñar ilo Arṇo.The northward flowing current is greatest on the ocean side of Ḷōñar in Arṇo.aeniñeañḷọk
2.Aolep jendik kaṇ rej jendikin Arṇo.All of the young chickens are from Arno.jendik
3.Baj alikkarin mejatoto ke jej errelọk im lo Arṇo jān ijin.It's such a clear day that we can see Arno from where we are.alikkar
4.Ejjāibobo arin Arṇo.There are lots of jāibo along the lagoon shores of Arno.jāibo
5.Ejojoeḷọk Arṇo jān Mājro.There are more flying fish at Arno than at Majruo.jojo
6.Ejouri tata likin Arṇo.The ocean side of Arno has the most joururjourur
7.Ejoururi likin Arṇo.There are lots of jourur on the ocean side of Arno.jourur
8.Eḷḷap jojo in Mājro jān Arṇo.Flying fish of Majuro are bigger than those of Arno.jojo
9.Eṃōj an wa eo jikrōkḷọk Arṇo.The boat has arrived at Arno.jikrōk
10.Euwwi wōt aelin Arṇo.Unicorn fish from Arno are the most delicious.ael
11.Jekṃai kein rej jekmai in Arṇo.These jekṃai are made in Arn'o.jekṃai
12.Jete allōñūṃ ṇa i Arṇo?How many months were you on Arno?allōñ
13.Kwar ito ñāāt jān Arṇo?When did you come (westerly) from Arno.ito
14.Raar bōktok jet jepkọin Arṇo.They brought some floor mats from Arno.jepkọ
15.Rej itakḷọk ñan Arṇo.They are going eastward to Arno.itakḷọk
16.Wa eo eṇ ej jepliklikḷọk ilo jerakḷọk ñan Arṇo.The boat is rolling as it sails toward Arno.jepliklik

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