Updated: 4/2/2016
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Reverse Concordance of Example Sentences

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( 25 )

1.A bwe eṇta kwōj inepata ke ñe etal im apañ tok, jejujen kōjerbal kōṃadṃōdin aelōñ kein.”“But what are you worried about; if we go and something is wrong, then we’ll fix it in the traditional ways.” [P289]apañ
2.Eḷapḷọk jidik kōto im ṇo ak jab inepata im lōḷñọñ bwe ej eṃṃan wōt jabdewōt,” Jema ejiroñ tok .“The wind and waves are getting stronger but don’t worry or be scared because everything is okay,” Father yelled over to me. [P594]lōḷñọñ
3.Iwōj wōt im jab inepata bwe ña e ippān jebwe e,” euwaak ḷọk ñan Jema.“Go ahead and don’t worry; I’ll stay here at the wheel,” he said to Father. [P1086]iwōj
4.Jab inepata bwe iōōe i ṃur,” Bojin eo euwaak.“Don’t worry, I'm on top of it,” the Boatswain replied. [P760]ṃur
5.Jab inepata bwe iōōe i ṃur,” euwaak Bojin eo.“Don’t worry; I can manage,” the Boatswain answered. [P358]ṃur
6.Jab inepata,” ḷōḷḷap eo euwaak.“You’re welcome,” the Old Man replied. [P1292]inepata
7.Aemọkkweiū ekōṃṃan an inepata.My following (her) around worried him.aemọkkwe
8.Amijel bōt ej kōṃṃan an jinemijel inepata.Your (three persons) disobedience is making your mother unhappy.amijel
9.Eaḷjer kōn an inepata.His worries have caused him ulcers.aḷjer
10.Eḷap an ineemṃan im ejjeḷọk an inepata.He's very patient and has nothing to worry about.ineeṃṃan
11.Eḷap an inepata ḷōḷḷap eo kōn ḷadik eo nejin ejjañin roltok jān ke ear ilām eoñwōd.The old man is worried about his son who has never come back from fishing.inepata
12.Jab inepata bwe Anij enaaj ṇawijkinen ad jerbal ñan e im armej ro an.Do not worry as God will provide the tools we need to do the work for him and his people.ṇawijkinen
13.Jab inepata bwe eaḷakiie.Don't worry because I can easily get it for you.aḷakiie
14.Jab inepata bwe inaaj kaene eok.Don't you worry cause I'll let you use my iron.aen
15.Jab inepata bwe inaaj kapeenen eok ippa.Don't worry because I'll let you use my pen.peenen
16.Jab inepata bwe kijen niñniñ.Have no fear for it'll be a cinch.kijen niñniñ
17.Jab inepata bwe mānniñ men eṇ.Don't worry, he's a nobody.mānniñ
18.Jab inepata kake bwe ikōnālkinṃwio.Don’t worry about him because he’s not with it.kake
19.Jab inepata kake bwe ikōn-ālkinṃwio.Don't worry about him because he's not with it.ikōn-ālkinṃwio
20.Jab inepata kōn / kake niñniñ eo.Don’t worry about the baby.kōn
21.Jab inepata kōn an iien iabuñi koṃ.Don't worry about time catching up with you.iabuñ
22.Kwōn jab inepata bwe ekeke ṇa ireeaar kiiō.Don't worry about him; he's mature now and can take care of himself.keke ṇa ireeaar
23.Kwōn jab inepata bwe kōjro ṃōṃō in jekein.Don't be afraid; I know this place like the back of my hand.ṃōṃō in
24.Kwōn jab kanooj inepata ippān bwe jedao bajjek.Don't worry too much over him because he's just an unlucky kid.jedao
25.Ri-amṇak ejjeḷọk aer inepata.Those who live on their inherited land have nothing to worry about.amṇak

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