IJA Volume 62, Issue 3, 2010

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    Application and Effectiveness of Immunostimulants, Probiotics, and Prebiotics in Aquaculture: A Review
    ( 2010) Ganguly, Subha ; Paul, Indira ; Mukhopadhayay, Sunit K.
    Immunostimulants, also called immunomodulators, adjuvants, or biological response modifiers, stimulate the immune system. They can be administered in the form of drugs or nutrients. Probiotics are organisms or substances that improve the intestinal microbial balance of a host animal. Prebiotics are indigestible components in a diet that are metabolized by specific microorganisms and prove helpful for the growth and health of the host. When provided as dietary supplements in feeds, even in small quantities, immunostimulants, probiotics, and prebiotics usually improve immunity, feed efficiency, and growth performance of crustaceans and fishes. The use of immunostimulants, probiotics, and prebiotics in aquaculture are presented in this review.