Works by Torei Enji

Tōrei Enji 東嶺圓慈・東嶺円慈・東嶺延慈 (1721–1792) received the posthumous imperial title of Butsugo–shinshō Zenji 佛護神照禪師・仏護神照禅師. After having followed Kogetsu Zenzai 古月禪材・古月禅材 (1667–1751), Tōrei became the disciple of Hakuin Ekaku 白隱慧鶴・白隠慧鶴 (1686-1769), one of the major figures in the Rinzai revival of the eighteenth century. Many of Tōrei's works remain unpublished, even in Japan. His scholarly interests and the breadth of his knowledge, including Shinto, was unprecedented.

For further information about Tōrei, see:

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