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Monjushiri bosatsu ichi bonjikyō chūge 文殊師利菩薩一梵持經 註解

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Title:Monjushiri bosatsu ichi bonjikyō chūge 文殊師利菩薩一梵持經 註解
Annotated Commentary on the Sutra of Mañjuśrī Bodhisattva’s Single-minded Pure Hold
Authors:Tōrei Enji 東嶺圓慈
Keywords:Monjushiri bosatsu ichi [ji] bonjikyō chūge 文殊師利菩薩一[時]梵持經・文殊師利菩薩一[時]梵持経 註解, apocryphal sutra commentary by a Japanese monk, Rinzai Zen, Tokugawa period, Shugendō 修驗道・修験道
Date Issued:26 May 2013
Abstract:Manuscript written by Tōrei. The original is kept at Hōrinji 法輪寺, a temple in Kyoto also popularly known as Daruma-dera 達磨寺. For a description of this manuscript in modern Japanese see
The apocryphal sutra commented by Tōrei is a Shugendō scripture whose "reception" is attributed to En no Gyōja. The same root text is also known as Bussetsu sanjin juryō muhen kyō 佛説三身壽量無邊經 (The Sutra on the Unlimited Life of the Threefold Body as Taught by the Buddha) and has been translated twice. See Swanson, Paul L. 1993. “Tapping the Source Directly: A Japanese Shugendō Apocryphal Text.” Japanese Religions 18: 95–112, and Swanson, Paul L. 1999. A Shugendō Apocryphal Text. In Religions of Japan in Practice, edited by George J. Tanabe. Princeton University Press, pp. 246–253.
Rights:Free of rights, since the author Tōrei Enji (1721–1792) lived in the eighteenth century.
CC0 1.0 Universal
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